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About MRSO
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About the Meter Registration System Operator


Meter Registration System Operator (MRSO) is a "ringfenced" function within ESB Networks responsible for the Change of Supplier process and the processing/aggregation of meter data required to support Trading & Settlement in the competitive electricity market.


In February 2000 under the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999, some of ESB's largest customers became eligible to purchase electricity from a supplier and also any customer supplied by sustainable or alternate energy sources of energy. A number of new business entities had to be set up to support this new competitive electricity market. One of those new functions to be established was the Meter Registration System Operator (MRSO) which provides a central registration and data management services to the market.

Since February 2005 the full electricity market in the Republic of Ireland is open to competition. Since November 2007 the All Island Market came into being, allowing a competitive electricity market throughout the whole Island of Ireland.

Role & Responsibilities

MRSO's primary role is the provision of a central registration process and data management services required to support Trading & Settlement in the competitive electricity market. A central meter registration system is essential in order to associate each metering point with a Supplier. This ensures that each Supplier can be billed for the energy consumed by their customers and to ensure that Transmission and Distribution use of system charges can be calculated for the metering points for which each Supplier is responsible.

MRSO has the following key responsibilities in the competitive electricity market.

  1. Managing the change of supplier process. This involves the transfer of responsibility for consumption through a specific metering point from one supplier to another.
  2. The provision of meter data to market players. This enables Independent Suppliers to be billed for the Generation, Distribution Use of System Charges (DUOS) and Transmission Use of System Charges (TUOS) and to enable Independent Suppliers to invoice their customers.

Portfolio of Services

  • The accurate and timely changing of meter points from one supplier to another in accordance with the Trading & Settlement Code.
  • The processing and issue of meter data daily to the different players in the market.
  • Initial aggregation and re-aggregation of meter data for Settlement.
  • The registration and provision of meter data for all embedded generators who are trading in the market or who are over 1 MegaWatt in size.
  • The provision of historical load profile meter data to QH eligible customers for the purposes of changing supplier.
  • Maintenance of Powersave database and calculation of payments due to customers for Powersave events and advising their respective Supplier.


Due to the industry role of MRSO, staff working in MRSO will have access to confidential information relating to all suppliers, embedded generators and final customers. The ESB MRSO confidentiality policy outlines the main ringfencing requirements for MRSO. All staff with access to MRSO systems are required to sign a Trust & Confidentiality Agreement.

PDF logo  MRSO Confidentiality Policy. (*pdf)

PDF logo  MRSO Confidentiality Agreement. (*pdf)

Service Quality

MRSO is committed to delivering a high quality service. Working to agreed processes and procedures MRSO is subject to Internal audit within ESB and subject to external Market Audit. MRSO is certified to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.

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