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Change of Supplier
Change of Supplier

Change of Supplier Process

From 19th February 2005 all electricity customers are able to purchase electricity from the supplier of their choice. Suppliers can register their customers and are responsible for the electricity consumed through the metering point of the customer until such time as another supplier registers the customer or the metering point is de-registered after de-energisation.

MRSO is responsible for the Change of Supplier process thus ensuring that all metering points are associated with a supplier so that the suppliers can be billed for the energy consumed and for the use of the Transmission and Distribution networks for the metering points for which they are responsible.

Customers wishing to change supplier will find information on changing suppliers on the Commission for Regulation of Utilities Website. A customer using over 300,000 kWh per annum should request Historical Profile Data from MRSO before contacting Suppliers.